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DipHealthSci(Open) +

posted 29 Mar 2013, 09:53 by Oliver Slay   [ updated 29 Mar 2013, 09:55 ]
I have now finished my Diploma of Health Sciences * with the Open University... which enables me to use the above letters after my name...

I chose modules: Human Biology (SK277)Biological Psychology (SD226)Science of the Mind: Investigating Mental Health (SDK228), and Infectious Diseases and Public Health (SK320).

I have several family history links to these courses... my mother's godfather, Professor J. Z. Young, was a well-known neurologist who discovered the giant squid axon... and my great grandfather, Humphrey Morris, was Chairman of the Port of London Health Authority (see earlier posts) - mentioned in this lecture about Infectious Diseases by John Averns, Port Health Director of LPHA.

I'm now moving in deeper to the study of cells and the molecules of cells... in Cell Biology and Molecular Cell Biology.  It has not been enough to understand that 'cells use glucose and oxygen' .. I want to know how and why... what happens when a cell becomes hypoxic?  what causes a cell to ignore signals and proliferate or die?  what is oxygen actually doing? (turns out, its role is to accept electrons at the end of a long series of events that break glucose down into energy and CO2.)  and finally I see where Ubiquinone (CoEnzyme Q10) is required in that process.. and riboflavin (Vitamin B2) in FAD is also required...)  

I also found a subway map of the cell developed by Roche... Online Biochemical Pathway Map - and they do a hard copy which has arrived in the post... I wonder if biochemists and cell biologists understand even half of all these interactions!!

the link to the E21 is dead - which I think is bad administration by the OU - they may have scrapped the diploma, but many people have just achieved this qualification only to have all the information about the qualification removed from their website.  What does that say about the qualification to you?  I think there should always be a record of what the course entailed accessible to anyone who wishes to look into someone's CV...