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Douglas Goldring

posted 11 Apr 2013, 12:33 by Oliver Slay   [ updated 23 Apr 2015, 19:48 ]
Having moved to York - I am perhaps sensitive to seeing local place names popping up.  

So whilst looking through the text version of my family tree I spotted 'Askham Bryan' - a local village of York.  Constance Anne Morris was married by her uncle, the Rev John Morris of Askham Bryan in 1877.  Rev. John Morris is therefore my great great great uncle. As a matter of course I had a look who Constance Morris was marrying and it was to a Frank Goldring... they had 5 children.  One of these children born in 1887 was Douglas Goldring.

Funnily I notice he is also, like myself, an old student of Magdalen College School, Oxford... and on the Wikipedia list of names of people who went to MCS above Goldring is Ben Goldacre... he must have been a little wee thing whilst I was there - being 4 years younger..