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Humphrey Morris Cutter - 2

posted 16 Aug 2011, 10:14 by Oliver Slay
I did a quick search on Humphrey Morris and Cutter today and found this from

When Humphrey met Chris

There's no indication when the article was written... so at some point Boatshed Essex acquired the 'dodgy' "Humphrey Morris Cutter" which they note is one of the more 'interesting and unusual vessels' on their lists.

The Medical Officers' Cutter, "Humphrey Morris" is an old boat.  Boatshed write that it was built in 1966 (but this is not possible because the BMJ printed their article about its launch in 1961) "by James Pollock & Co in Faversham, Kent for the City of London Port Health Authority, the boat's original functions were to meet incoming passenger liners at the North Foreland, conduct health checks, remove casualties and to give the ship health clearance inwards". It was converted to a private yacht in 1997.

The "Humphrey Morris" has 25 berths in 10 cabins.  It's been totally re-fitted with a bar.  "Further alterations have guaranteed that the floating Florence Nightingale will most likely find her next calling as a sailing club's dream clubhouse, or the perfect live-aboard for the large boat enthusiast."

I can't find the listing on their website - I've emailed so I'll wait... Perhaps this news item is quite old... why don't people think to put the date of the news item on their 'News' web page?