This is the property we put an offer on in Dec 2014

When we came back with a builder before completion in March we found a new street lamp had been installed.  The previous owners had not informed us this was occurring.  The light was not switched on.

I raised this with Sheffield Council via the Contact page on the new street lighting project website... and received no response.  I informed the seller and she said she would write to the council.  I had no response.  Our neighbours to the left also with a window affected said they have tried to contact the council and have received no response.

This is what we found...  There is a pavement AND a wide grass verge on the other side of the road, where the old street lamp used to be.  So there is no reasonable explanation for locating the lamp directly outside a bedroom window.

We consider this to be a very poorly located street lamp and increases the obtrusive nature of the lamp.

On 19th April 2015 I was at the property at 20:35 and the light was switched on.  I took some photos.  It is very obvious how much glare this lamp casts on our wall and window, compared to the wall between the two neighbours on the left.

Pictures from the front and side.  Clearly showing light obtrusion on our property.


This is a picture of our new 'Sun' ... from inside the bedroom.


And how much 'daylight' / 'light trespass' is being thrown into the main bedroom - this can become significantly detrimental to health if not dimmed or blocked.

The main bedroom - our new energy saving light bulb...

The living room is lower down and the original net curtain has a constant glow in the dark.